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Media Releases (Freedom Party of Ontario)

Libertarians and Objectivists (letter to Peter Jaworski, reproduced, with permission, on his blog, Adventures in Bowling Green, August 11, 2007)

Justice (Consent journal, December 2006)

Tory stance on Caledonia crisis is `hypocritical' (op-ed, originally appeared in the Toronto Star, August 31, 2006)

Letter to the Editor re: Ayn Rand and the Morality of Capitalism (Fraser Forum magazine, February 2006)

Consumption tax cure for revenue ‘gap’ (op-ed, originally appeared in the Financial Post, January 6, 2006)

Healthy Wealthy & Wise: A Plan to Improve Canadian Health Care, Retirement and Education (.pdf booklet)

Lines in the Sand: A Guide to the Pivotal Constitutional Amendment Proposals of the 2005 Convention of the Conservative Party of Canada (booklet)
(also available in .pdf format by clicking here. If you are intending to print "Lines in the Sand", or to distribute it via e-mail, the .pdf file is the better choice.

Follow the Money (Consent, January 2005)

Two Birds in Hand, Something Hiding in the Bush (Part 1), booklet concerning the Canadian Alliance/PC Agreement-in-Principle (October 25, 2003)

"People versus The People" (or "What is, and what is not, Democracy"), speech (April 12, 2003)